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School Breakfast Clubs

A number of New Zealand schools serving “low decile” (low socio-economic) areas have breakfast clubs which supply breakfasts for at least some of the children at the school one or more days each week.  There are a number of organisations that provide food for breakfast clubs, including the following:


Kick Start Breakfast Programme


For a list of schools that are involved in the Kick Start Breakfast programme visit this link:




The Life Centre Trust Breakfast Programme



Red Cross Breakfast in Schools Programme



Some breakfast clubs rely on food that is donated by businesses, while others pay for food out of their own school budgets.  These schools in particular may appreciate donations of food and/or assistance with starting/maintaining school gardens to help improve their students’ nutrition  and learning.


Guidelines for how to establish a school breakfast club may be downloaded from this link:


To read a NZ Herald story about Breakfast Clubs in NZ schools, visit this link:


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