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The aim of the Community Food Network is to encourage people to take positive action within their communities.

If you would like to donate money, food or your time please contact one of the organisations that are already working to help people in your community.

To help meet the urgent demand for extra food over Christmas, please visit the Foodbanks page of this site to locate a food bank near you and support them with a donation of food or money.

To support the longer-term goals of ensuring that everyone in New Zealand can enjoy locally grown nutritious food – and have the skills that they need to grow and prepare food  for themselves or their families, please support organisations that are already working in schools such as by donating to ProjectGro http://www.organicnz.org/projectgro/ or Garden to Table http://www.gardentotable.org.nz/.

The community-based organisation Hand Over  a Hundy that empowers families who are new to gardening to take up the challenge to grow some of their own food is also well worth supporting.  Its website www.handoverahundy.co.nz

If you do not have any spare money, but do have some free time, these and other organisations are well worth your support as a volunteer.

Thank you!






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