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Organic Gardening Supplies

The purpose of this page is to list products that can be used in organic gardening to help beginner gardeners to get started.  This page is a work in progress: if you have suggestions for good products that should be included on this page, please email through the Contact form.

A comprehensive list of products that can be used in organic production may be downloaded from the following link of BioGro’s website:



A very  comprehensive and helpful list of gardening supplies in NZ may be found at this link:


(NB:  Not all the products in this directory are organic, although many of them are.  If you are working towards organic certification it is important to make sure you use approved products or you may jeopardise your certification.)


Composting Systems (NZ Made)

(NB:  For more information about composting and how to build your own composting system,  please see the Compost page)

1) General compost makers


Horto Compost Bins

Vitality for Life


2)  Worm farms

Earthly Delight

Pottbusry Farms

Worms Are Us


3) Bokashi Bucket Composting Systems

Bokashi Boost

Zing Bokashi


Businesses that Supply Bulk Compost





Dalton’s supply BioGro certified potting mix and compost products in bags in garden centres and in bulk.




Weathersfield supply BioGro certified potting mix and well aged compost in bags and in bulk.  They also grow organic seedlings.



Lower North Island

Composting NZ

0800 888 200 (producing a BioGro certified product)

A note about commercially prepared compost:  Some brands of compost incorporate sewage sludge (often called “biosolids” into their compost.  This is best avoided as sewerage sludge can be contaminated with heavy metals. Sewerage sludge is not permitted under organic certification schemes.

Some commercially prepared (and home made compost) is too “green” – meaning that it contains too high a proportion of bits of stick, bark etc that has not yet rotted down. As the “green” compost begins to break down in your garden, it can deplete nitrogen levels in the  the soil, causing plants’ leaves to yellow.  Applying a nitrogen rich fertiliser will help if this is the problem





This company supplies BioGro certified fertilisers, including RokSolid, a full spectrum powdered fertiliser.



Fieldgro Fish Fertiliser

Contains Biogro certified ingredients. Helps strengthen plants against attacks by insect pests.

Phone Paul Field on 09 278 6469




The following organisations supply seeds for heritage plant varieties.  seeds from heritage plants can be saved from year to year, so they are recommended. Growing these seeds also helps preserve rare plant varieties.


Eco Seeds Ltd   http://www.ecoseeds.co.nz/

This business supplies heritage seeds, some of which are certified organic.


Koanga Gardens    http://www.koanga.org.nz/

Started by Kay Baxter, this organisation has saved a large range of organic heritage seed varieties.  Some of its seeds are available from health food stores and other outlets that sell seeds, while others are available to members only.  http://www.koanga.org.nz/koanga-seeds


Kings Seeds   http://www.kingsseeds.co.nz/

This business supplies a wide range of seeds, some are organic some are not.  Some imported seeds have to be treated with fungicide (this is a MAF requirement). Seeds that have been treated are identified with a sticker. Some organic seeds are coated in a seed enhancement agent.





Weathersfield supplies organic seedlings (grown from heritage seeds) to retailers up and down the country.  Their outlets may be seen at this link: http://www.weathersfieldorganics.co.nz/2157.html

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