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Gardening in Containers

Many food plants will grow happily in containers.  Container gardening has the advantage of making your garden relatively portable (provided the containers are not so large as to be too heavy to lift).  Container gardening is therefore useful for people renting  on a short term basis.  Gardening in containers  is also a way to make good use of space that cannot otherwise be gardened such as a sunny patio or concrete driveway (that is not needed for parking.)

Many plants grow well in containers including tomatoes, silverbeet, kale, herbs and strawberries. Small citrus trees such as lemons and mandarins will also grow quite happily in large pots. Some types of containers which are porous such as unglazed pottery require watering plastic or glazed pottery.

The link below is to a website developed by two US students which shows an ingenious container gardening  system which includes a self-water system!



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