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Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets have been rapidly growing in popularity over the last few years.  They are beneficial for the people in the towns and cities where they are located because they are a good source of high quality, fresh fruit and vegetables (and often other foods such as fish, meat, bread etc) that has been produced locally.  Prices are often lower than they would be for a similar product at a store because the farmer or grower sells directly to his or her customer; there is no wholesaler.

Producers benefit because farmers’ markets are a low cost venue through which to sell their food and build relationships with their customers. The fact that the emphasis is on locally grown or produced food also has environmental benefits.

Lastly, people often enjoy the social dimension of shopping at a farmers market, and some have added extras such as workshops, cooking classes or live music which are added attractions.  Below is a list of farmers’ markets in NZ

For up-to date open hours and contact information please click on the websites of the markets (or the regional organisers’ websites) listed below:


North Island Farmers’ Markets

Northland Region

Bay of Islands Farmers’ Market (organisers)
Website: http://www.bayofislandsfarmersmarket.org.nz/

Kerikeri Farmers’ Market
Paihia Farmers’ Market


Auckland Region

Matakana Village Farmers’ Market
Website: http://matakanavillage.co.nz/market/matakana-farmers-market/

Hobsonville Point Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.hobsonvillepoint.co.nz/community/hobsonville-point-farmers-market/

Orewa Beach Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=11776&NoCache=110606132334WTYVZKEU

Clevedon Village Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.clevedonfarmersmarket.co.nz/

The City Farmers’ Market at Brito Mart
Website: http://www.cityfarmersmarket.co.nz/

Grey Lynn Farmer’s Market
Website: http://www.glfm.co.nz/

Parnell Farmers Market
Website: http://www.parnell.org.nz/Parnell-Trust-Farmers-Market-Auckland.htm


Waikato & Bay of Plenty

Tauranga Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.taurangafarmersmarket.co.nz/

Waikato Farmers’ Markets (organisers)
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=11196&NoCache=110606133813ZAFTZJOR
Market video:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgFK_4UtoU8

Hamilton Farmers’ Market
Cambridge Farmers’ Market
Te Awamutu Farmers’ Market

Whakatane Farmers’ Market
email: bakers@world-net.co.nz


The East Coast

Gisborne Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.gisbornefarmersmarket.co.nz/market/home.php

Hawkes Bay Farmers’ Market (organisers)

Napier Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.hawkesbayfarmersmarket.co.nz/

Hastings Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=10577&NoCache=110606135315JWRKZJQM


Lower North Island

Farmers’ Market Taranaki
Website: http://www.farmersmarkettaranaki.org.nz/

Wairarapa Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=11701&NoCache=110606140850JCPXQTHZ

Feilding Farmers’ Market
Website : http://www.feildingfm.com/

Whanganui Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.therivertraders.co.nz/

Palmy Farmers’ Market:  Closed until further notice – check back at this link for details http://www.marketground.co.nz/clubsite.asp?siteid=10563&pageid=35276&pagetypeid=4


Wellington’s best little food market.  Every Saturday morning 8.30-12.30.  Buy direct from the growers and producers – fresh vegetables and fruit, preserves, bread, meat, fish, cheese and other delectable produce.  Many of our stalls are organic and our eggs and meat are free range.  www.hillstfarmersmarket.org.nz
Carpark of Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul, cnr. Molesworth and Hill Street, Thorndon, Wellington.


South Island Farmers’ Markets

Top of the South

Marlborough Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=11699&NoCache=110606143104FLUNJYNA
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vpz8ZLS1to

Nelson Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=11772&NoCache=110606143514BRSWUHTE



Christchurch Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.christchurchfarmersmarket.co.nz/

Oxford Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=11778&NoCache=110606150500ZJCINVWS

Lyttelton Farmers Market
Website: http://www.lyttelton.net.nz/lfm/

Waipara Valley Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=11777&NoCache=110606151310PTLSEORF

Methven Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.methvenfarmersmarket.co.nz

Ashburton District Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=12184

Ohoka Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.ohokafarmersmarket.co.nz/


Southern and Otago Region

Central Otago Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=11780&NoCache=110606154942QINGHYHE

Oamaru Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.oamarufarmersmarket.co.nz/

Otago Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.otagofarmersmarket.org.nz/

Gore Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=12392&NoCache=110606160302KPXGQRPQ

Southern Farmers’ Market
Website: http://www.marketground.co.nz/ClubSite.asp?SiteID=11770&NoCache=110606160536OHINEAUL

Queenstown Farmers’ Market
Email: qtfarmersmarket@ihug.co.nz

From: http://www.organicexplorer.co.nz/Events/Farmers+Market+locations+throughout+New+Zealand.html

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