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Joining a food co-op is a great way to get food more cheaply.  Co-ops can be very casually structured (such as an informal  co-op in which all the households are members of the same extended) family or may be more formal organisations in which members are expected to take on certain responsibilities in running the co-op.

If you would like to list your co-op on this page, please email the site coordinator through the Contact form.  Thank you.


Auckland Co-ops


Ranui Community Food Cooperative

Ranui Community Food Cooperative in West Auckland welcomes new members.

To join the co-op just fill out the online membership form by clicking
here: http://tinyurl.com/ye4dryt . Instructions at the right of
the form tell you how to pay the one-off $25 membership fee. Or, if you
prefer, just download the Summer 2011 newsletter and fill out the membership
form on the last page and email it to judy [at] earthsong.org.nz

After joining, you can get really involved in the co-op community as a
working member and be eligible for a discount by clicking here
http://tinyurl.com/3dvagbt  to sign up on the Co-op Work Roster.  Just click
it and sign up for a shift. The coordinator on duty will orient you as to
what to do.

Membership meetings are always the first Thursdays of the month at 7:30 PM

The meetings alternate between being held at Earthsong in Ranui
(see address below) and at a member’s house. This next (upcoming 1st
of March meeting will be at a member’s house in Bethel’s Beach. Rides
will be organised at 7PM outside the Ranui Community House – please
contact judy [at] earthsong.org.nz if you would like to come.The following
April meeting  ill be in the dining room of the common house of Earthsong
Eco-Neighbourhood, 457 Swanson Road.  We ask members to please park on
the street – there’s always plenty of room.

We have a Facebook page that you can visit at this link:

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