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The aim of the Community Food Network is to encourage people to take positive action within their communities. If you would like to donate money, food or your time please contact one of the organisations that are already working to help people in your community. To help meet the urgent demand for extra food over […]

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This page is for people who need resources to advertise for what they need – and for people who have resources that they would like to donate to school or community gardening projects to let others know that they are available.  If you need a particular resource or would like to donate something that you […]

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This page is to help people and groups who need people to help with gardening projects find volunteers – and for people who want to volunteer their time and/or  knowledge to connect with people or groups who would benefit from their help.  If you have a gardening  project  that needs volunteers or would like to […]

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Food Banks

Food Banks in NZ  are currently struggling with increased need for food combined with lower donations.  This page lists food banks in most parts of New Zealand. If you are need food or are in a position to donate food or money, please contact a food bank in your area.  The Salvation Army has food […]

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