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Community Gardens and Other Projects

Community Projects

All over New Zealand there are wonderful people who understand the importance of nutitrious food and taken up the challenge of helping others.  Here are some initiatives that you may like to join in (or start a similar project in your own community).  These are listed in roughly alphabetical order.  (f you have a project […]

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Food Co-Ops

Joining a food co-op is a great way to get food more cheaply.  Co-ops can be very casually structured (such as an informal  co-op in which all the households are members of the same extended) family or may be more formal organisations in which members are expected to take on certain responsibilities in running the […]

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Garden Share Schemes

It is a New Zealand tradition to share any surplus produce from home gardens with family, friends and neighbours on an informal basis. The new subdivisions created in the State Housing programme in the 1950s provided each home with a generous sized section so that each family would not only have enough room for children […]

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Community Gardens Directory

Community gardens are a great place to learn gardening skills, share your knowledge with others and make new friends. The community gardens in this directory are listed mostly from North to South.   For those community gardens where there is little information, more details will be added as soon as they are available. If your community […]

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Marae gardens

Marae are natural locations for gardens to produce food and rongoa (medicinal native plants). Below are some links to a few inspiring stories about how marae gardens are helping to meet people’s nutritional, social and spiritual needs. A story about Waikawa Marae Maara Kai community garden http://www.stuff.co.nz/marlborough-express/news/picton/5571925/Marae-garden-boost-for-families A story about Te Rau Aroha Marae’s community […]

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