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Water Use, Storage and Conservation

Growing vegetables (and fruit trees) need water.  A lot of the time this is supplied by the rain, but at times in many parts of New Zealand rainfall is in short supply.  The purpose of this page is to give you some tips on how to grow food successfully while still conserving water. 1) Water […]

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Growing Employment Opportunities

Food is something that no one can do without, so producing food is a career option well worth considering. In NZ there are long waiting lists in the public hospital system and health insurance costs are increasing.  There are a growing number of people suffering from diseases that are often (although not always) related to […]

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Organic Gardening Supplies

The purpose of this page is to list products that can be used in organic gardening to help beginner gardeners to get started.  This page is a work in progress: if you have suggestions for good products that should be included on this page, please email through the Contact form. A comprehensive list of products […]

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Community Gardens Directory

Community gardens are a great place to learn gardening skills, share your knowledge with others and make new friends. The community gardens in this directory are listed mostly from North to South.   For those community gardens where there is little information, more details will be added as soon as they are available. If your community […]

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Food Banks

Food Banks in NZ  are currently struggling with increased need for food combined with lower donations.  This page lists food banks in most parts of New Zealand. If you are need food or are in a position to donate food or money, please contact a food bank in your area.  The Salvation Army has food […]

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Gardening Basics

The Community Food Network advocates organic gardening for the following reasons: * Organic food contains higher levels of trace minerals and other micronutrients * Growing food organically is safe for children and pets, as it does not involve the use of toxic pesticides which can cause health problems – and also harm wildlife and the […]

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Health and Safety

Health and Safety In general, gardening is an activity that is very positive in terms of health and well being.  People who take up gardening can expect to gain strength, flexibility and a higher level of general fitness.  Most people find gardening relaxing and enjoy a sense of achievement as their efforts bear fruit. Then […]

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Composting involves turning unwanted waste such as food scraps, lawn clippings, hedge trimming etc into valuable plant food. There are three main types of composting systems: *  traditional composting piles or heaps that rely on heat to break down plant matter; *  vermiculture systems such as domestic or commercial worm farms where worms do all […]

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Religious Communities

Faith communities already help with a variety of initiatives to help alleviate poverty such as by running opportunity shops to help people buy clothes and other items cheaply, by running food banks and by providing moral leadership. Leaders in faith communities are likely to be aware of families who are facing significant stress due to […]

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This page is for events (such workshops, conferences etc) relating to organic farming growing and community initiatives designed to improve New Zealanders access to nutritious food. If you would like to list your event, please email the site coordinator through the Contact form. Events are listed (roughly in chronological order).  From now on, the date […]

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