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About Us

This site aims to become a community resource to help solve the growing problem of hunger and poor nutrition which is contributing to poor health for many New Zealanders – particularly children whose entire futures can be blighted if they do not get the good food (and other basics) that they need to fulfill their potential.

The recent increase in the price of food (and other necessities such as electricity) combined with the recession is putting pressure on many households.  Unfortunately, given the global financial situation it is likely that more New Zealanders will experience hardship in the near future.

The Community Food Network aims to facilitate practical self-help measures (such as increase the amount of food grown in home and community gardens) to make good quality fresh food available to people who would otherwise miss out on nutritious food – or not have enough to eat.

The site provides information about gardening, ideas about how people can work together to help address the need for food in their communities and links to sources of further information.

We hope that this site will inspire you to take action that will help solve the problems of poor nutrition in our country – and contribute to a more stable, prosperous and caring society.




A note about site content:  Unless otherwise stated, content on this site was written by Katherine Smith, editor of the book on organic farming and growing Superfoods:  How to Grow Them and Why You Need Them Now (AIT Press 1993 – currently out of print).


Thank you to the Whangarei Leader for kindly giving their permission to use the photograph of the young men gardening in the masthead for this site.