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Kia Ora and Welcome to the website of the Community Food Network

The problem:

Increasing food prices (combined with the rising cost of other necessities) means that many New Zealanders are now hungry, and others suffer from nutritional deficiencies caused by poor diets.

Children are particularly badly affected with one in five children now living in a home where the major (or only) source of income is a government benefit.  There are also many children in low income families whose parents’ jobs are poorly paid.  These children are also at risk of going hungry or without adequately nutritious food.

Poor nutrition in childhood creates health problems, affects learning and behaviour and can prevent children from reaching their potential. It also potentially creates a social time bomb of dysfunctional adults.


The solution:

In most parts of the New Zealand, the soil and climate are suitable for growing a large range or nutritious vegetables as well as fruit and nut trees.  Individuals, communities and institutions can help solve the problems of hunger and poor nutrition by working to grow food on privately and publicly owned land to increase the availability of free or low cost nutritious food.


What is the Community Food Network?

The Community Food Network was started in November 2011 with the aim of inspiring New Zealanders to take on the challenge of helping to provide nutritious food for themselves and other New Zealanders in need.  The aim is for this website to act as a link between people who are hungry and those who want to help alleviate this growing social problem.

The Community Food Network is about empowering people to take responsibility for growing some food for themselves, their families, and to share surplus produce with friends, neighbours and community groups.


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Thank you to the Whangarei Leader for permission to use the photograph of the young men gardening in the masthead for this site.